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25 October 2021

Facebook & Metaverse | ASEAN and Myanmar | Amal in Europe

GP Young Scholars

Metaverse: Facebooks's next generation of internet will kick off from the EU | Amal: The doll of hope | ASEAN's paltry progress in the Myanmar issue |
18 October 2021

A Breakthrough: Vaccine against Malaria

GP Young Scholars

Would the WHO-Approved RTS,S Vaccine Eliminate Malaria? |
4 October 2021

Europe's energy crisis | French-Greek strategic alliance | Texas abortion law | Japan's new PM

GP Course Scholars

European energy crisis: Europe's energy prices are soaring and could get much worse | France's upgraded strategic alliance with Greece | Draconian Texas Abortion Law: Attack on women's rights | Japan's new Prime Minister: What Suga taught Kishida |
27 September 2021

Canadian snap elections | The Russian elections

GP Course Scholars

Trudeau's call for Canadian snap election backfires | The Russian elections: Portrayal of a pretentious democracy |
20 September 2021

Inspiration 4 Mission | Norway elections

GP Course Scholars

SpaceX captures new heights with Inspiration 4 Mission | Norway Elections: The shift to the Left |
6 September 2021

Land rights of the Brazilian indigenous people | Taliban factions in decision making

GP Course Scholars

My land, my rights: The tug-of-rights of Bolsonaro and the Brazilian indigenous people | Role of Taliban factions in the government's direction and functioning |
30 August 2021

Pandemic Protests and Migrant Crisis in Europe, Abductions in Africa, and India in Afghanistan

GP Course Scholars

Europe: What is behind the anti-lockdown protests? | Europe: Is Belarus "weaponizing" the Migrant Crisis? | Nigeria's children: Abductions, lost innocence, and a glaring relfection of State failure | Re-reading the Afghan jigsaw puzzle |
19 August 2021

Contemporary World Order: The rise of China, and beyond

GP Course Scholars

China's celestial quest: The space program for global domination | China’s indulgence in ASEAN: Vaccine Diplomacy: A re-enforcing act | China in Africa: A new 'hope' for Africa | Reconstructing East Asia: China altering the equilibrium | China in Nepal and Sri Lanka: Chinese investment in smaller countries and its internal impact on their foreign policy | Cryptocurrencies and the developing world: How cryptocurrencies may make remittances cheaper | The Race for 5G: The Politics of 5G Technology | Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Nature of Modern Warfare: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Modern Warfare [A case study of Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict; Stuxnet virus; Israeli & American Robots] | Quad and the Emerging World Order: Quad - Keys to success | The emerging World Order and the Effectiveness of Sanctions: A comparative study of Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Belarus |
17 August 2021

Issues and Cases in Climate Change: Looking beyond Heatwaves, Wildfires and Floods

Young Scholars' Workshop

Floods: The Phenomenon and Adaptation | Heatwaves: Glaring manifestation of climate change | The Wildfires in the US, Siberia and Turkey: A cauldron of human errors and climate change | Women and Climate Change in Asia-Pacific | Indigenous Communities and Climate Change: The response and recovery efforts of frontline climate workers | Climate Change and Seasonal Migration: Building resilience in the Sunderbans, the West African Sahel and Mexico | Responses to Climate Change: Countries' race to achieving carbon neutrality |
2 August 2021

Special Focus on Myanmar | Chinese Militia in the South China Sea | The "India Out" Campaign in Maldives | Space Tourism

GP Course Scholars

Myanmar: Return to the dark days | Myanmar: Ineffectiveness of ASEAN and the International Community | Myanmar: The transcending interests of China and Russia | Myanmar: Military coup has a ripple effect on India's Northeast | Chinese Militia in the South China Sea | Maldives: The India Out campaign | Space Tourism: How it works, commercial ventures, and the sustainability question |
26 July 2021

Nord Stream-2: Economic and Security Threats | German Dilemma | Baltic headache | Russian Victory

GP Course Scholars

Nord Stream: The Economic and Security Threats | The German Dilemma | The pipeline is a Russian geopolitical victory in Europe | A new strategy for the US |
19 July 2021

North Korea and China | REvil Exit | Protests in Cuba | Violence in South Africa | Afghanistan and Taliban | Heatwaves

GP Course Scholars

North Korea and China: A thriving asymmetric alliance | REvil's unexpected exit: A ploy or a plea? | Cuba: The end of revolution? | South Africa: Beyond the pro-Zuma protest | World is ready to engage in a dialogue with the Taliban. Why? | Heatwaves: The phenomenon, Adaptation and Mitigation |
12 July 2021

Haiti Crisis | China & Tech Giants | Hungary & LGBTQ | Heat Wave | Search for Rare Earths

GP Course Scholars

Haiti: A Perfect Storm brewing | China: Beijing tames its tech giants | Europe: Hungary's LGBTQ problem | Climate Change: The world is broiling with record-breaking temperatures | Rare Earth metals: Significance, Geostrategic importance and the Race among the global leaders |
5 July 2021

Afghanistan is closer to civil war than peace. Three reasons why

Abigail Miriam Fernandez

Afghanistan is closer to civil war than peace. Three reasons why |
28 June 2021

Rise of Ransomware | EU Council Meet 2021 | The Russian stance on Europe | Discussing the threat at G7 and NATO meetings

GP Course Scholars

The rise and reign of ransomware | EU Council Meeting 2021 | The Russian stance on Europe | The time to discuss China at G7 and NATO meetings as a threat is long gone |
14 June 2021

G7 Summit | China's anti-foreign sanctions legislations | Peru elections | Carbon neutrality

GP Course Scholars

G7 Summit: Build Back Better | China's Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law: What will the aftermath look like? | Peru elections: Sign of things to come for South America | Carbon Neurality by 2050 |
7 June 2021

China's three child policy | Myanmar & General Hlaing | COVID-19 and the turmoil in South America | The weakening EU cohesion | The journey to carbon neutrality

GP Course Scholars

China's three child policy | Myanmar: General Hlaing is not falling down | COVID-19 and turmoil in South America | The weakening EU cohesion: Russian and Chinese diplomatic strategy in Central and Eastern Europe | The journey to carbon neutrality |
31 May 2021

Special Focus on Africa

GP Course Scholars

Mali: Two coups in a year, what does it mean? | An insight into the Assimi regime in Mali: Popular support and external pressures | Africa under the shadow of Europe | Rape: Cheaper strategic tool than bullets in conflict zones |
24 May 2021

Middle East Ceasefire, Africa-Europe Migration Crisis, Space, Cryptocurrency...

GP Course Scholars

The idea of Cryptocurrency: Revolutionary or over-hyped? | From zero to trillion dollars: The phenomenal rise of cryptocurrencies | Cryptocurrencies and the State: Mapping threats and responses | Israel’s right to defend | Hamas: Spoiler strategy on Israel | Migrant roots of Africa: Origin, Drivers and Destinations | Pondering over the EU’s migration policy with special focus on Spain and Morocco | France and Africa: Paris still a ‘silent colonizer’ | US-China in Outer Space: Competition or timely coincidence? | Timor Leste: 19 years after restoration of independence | Anti-Asian hate crimes in the US: Legal interventions and political implications | China’s control over waters demands increased investment in technology in India |
21 May 2021

Pakistan and the Middle East

PR Scholars

Abhiruchi, Sneha, Rakesh, Vishnu, Rishab
17 May 2021

Indo-Pacific, US foreign policy options & Contempory Conflicts

GP Course Scholars

Dincy Adlakha, Gurpreet Singh, Keerthana Nambiar, Joeana Cera Matthews, Dhanushaa P, Julia Mathew, Udbhav Krishna, and Vibha Venugopal
30 April 2021

Global Politics: Contemporary World Affairs in April 2021

GP Course Scholars

Aparupa Bhattacherjee, Akriti Sharma, Abigail Fernandez, Rashmi Ramesh, Apoorva Sudhakar, Harini Madhusudan, Lokendra Sharma, and D Suba Chandran
26 April 2021

Human Spaceflight: 60 years after Yuri Gagarin I Afghanistan: Three reasons why the US decision to withdraw is a call made too early I Arctic Council Chairmanship: From Iceland to Russia

GP Course Scholars

Harini Madhusudan, Abigail Miriam Fernandez, Rashmi Ramesh, Lokendra Sharma, Apoorva Sudhakar, Avishka Ashok, and Sukanya Bali
15 March 2021

Special Focus Contemporary Pakistan I Ten Years of Fukushima I Politial Crisis in Nepal I Revisiting the Quad

GP Scholars

Rishabh Yadav, Abigail Miriam Fernandez, Abhiruchi Chowdhury, Lokendra Sharma, Chetna Vinay Bhora, Mohamad Aseel Ummer, Akriti Sharma, and Sourina Bej
1 March 2021

Special Focus Contemporary developments Pakistan

PR Course Scholars

Abhiruchi Chowdhury, Sneha M, Farzia Yashmeen Chaliha, and Rishabh Yadav
15 February 2021

The War in Yemen: Domestic Issues, External Actors and Regional Stability

GP Course Scholars

Sankalp Gurjar, Jeshil Samuel, and Rashmi BR
8 February 2021

Special Focus: Gender protests against the abortion laws in Honduras, Argentina, Poland and Thailand

Abigail Fernandez, Avishka Ashok, Harini Madhusudan, Sukanya Bali, Aparupa Bhattacherjee, and Rishab Yadav

8 February 2021

Special Focus: Gender protests against the abortion laws in Honduras, Argentina, Poland and Thailand

GP Course Scholars

Abigail Miriam Fernandez, Avishka Ashok, Harini Madhusudan, and Sukanya Bali
8 February 2021

Blue Mining, Salafism in the Arab World, and the Coup in Myanmar

GP Course Scholars

Dhanwati Yadav, Saad Ahmad, and Aparupa Bhattacherjee
14 December 2020

Trump Legacy

Vivek Mishra, Kamna Tiwary, Harini Madhusudan, Apoorva Sudhakar, and Abigail Fernandez

5 October 2020

Global Politics Young Voices

GP Young Scholars

28 September 2020

Global Politics Young Voices

GP Young Scholars

21 September 2020

Global Politics Young Voices

GP Young Scholars

30 July 2020

Class Presentations

Multiple Speakers

Aparupa Bhattacherjee Sourina Bej Harini Madhusudan
27 June 2020

Black Lives Matter Protests

Abigail, Rashmi, Harini & Sourina, Moderator: Padmashree

6 June 2020

India – China Border Conflict

Padmashree A, Aarathi Srinivasan, Harini Sha. Moderator: Sukanya Bali

30 May 2020

Hong Kong Protests: Five Factors in Perspective

Padmashree A, Harini Sha, Aarathi Srinivasan, Abigail Fernandez, Sukanya Bali. Moderator: Sourina Bej

7 February 2020

BIMSTEC: A solution for Regional Crisis?

Aparupa Bhattacherjee

PhD Scholar, NIAS
7 February 2020

Can BIMSTEC be an alternative to BRI?

Sukanya Bali

Research Associate, NIAS
6 February 2020

Outer Space for BIMSTEC

Harini Madhusudan

PhD Scholar, NIAS
4 February 2020

Militarization in the Arctic: Russia & Beyond

Parikshith Pradeep

Research Associate, NIAS
4 February 2020

The Polar Silk Route: What does China want in the Arctic

Harini Madhusudan

PhD Scholar, NIAS
9 January 2020

Myanmar in 2020

Aparupa Bhattacherjee