School of Conflict and Security Studies
National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)
Indian Institute of Science Campus (IISc), Bangalore

Name of School:
Conflict and Security Studies

Subject/ discipline:

Course title:
Global Politics: Contemporary International Relations, World Order and Theories

Level of course:
Postgraduate, MPhil, PhD

Name of the instructor:
Prof D. Suba Chandran

Probable starting date and schedule/ timings:

Course Structure
The Course will cover the following:

Unit 01: Brief History of International Relations
From Ancient Greece to Magna Carta
The Age of Renaissance, Reformation and the Treaty of Westphalia
IR in the age of Revolutions
First and Second World Wars
Cold War
The Fall of Soviet Union and the Rise of China
The Rise of Asia

Unit 02: International Relations through Theories
Realism School

Unit 03: International Relations through Theories-II
Critical Theories
Structuralism, Constructivism and Feminism
Theories of Security and Non-Traditional Security
Theories of Institutions

Unit 04: Contemporary World Order-I
East Asia
Southeast Asia
South Asia
Middle East

Unit 05: Contemporary World Order-II
Big Power Politics
Regional Orders
Middle Powers

Unit 06: Contemporary World Order-III
Climate Change
Protest Movements
Science, Technology and International Relations
Trade and Political Economy

Unit 07: Contemporary World Order-IV
The idea of State, Nation and Nation-State
The idea of World Order
Nation vs State building
Praetorian State
State Failure and Fragility

Course Structure & Duration:
This course will be taught mostly online over a duration of two semesters during 2021-22. Classes will be held online everyday morning between 0900-1030 hrs. The Course will start in August 2021, and end in July 2022.
The Course will include the following:

Student Seminars, Assignments and Publications:
The students are expected to make presentations every Mondays (1600-1730 hrs) as a part of Global Politics, Young Voices (GPYV) Discussions. The objective of the above Student seminars is to improve the presentation and writing skills of the students. Also, the students will be assigned weekly assignments. The assignments will be on current issues aimed at getting published in the Course portal –

Students will have ample opportunities to publish regular focus notes in two weekly publications - The World This Week & Conflict Weekly. The final product of the assignments will be published as commentaries/briefs depending on the length.

Lectures on IR Theories on Mondays:
Regular lectures will be conducted on contemporary international theories. Duration 30 minutes.

Student Briefings on Tuesdays:
Students will make short briefings on contemporary international relations/developments, providing a brief background, major issues, and actors involved. Duration 30 minutes.

Guest Lectures on Wednesdays:
Guest lectures will be organised on Wednesdays on contemporary developments in international relations. Duration 45 minutes.

Book Reviews on Thursdays:
Students will present a review of a book or a journal essay. Duration 30 minutes

Lectures on IR History on Fridays:
Regular/guest lectures on international relations through history. Duration 30 minutes.

Weeklong residential course:
Depending on the availability of funds, the course at the end will have a week-long residential workshop at NIAS. Senior analysts in India, retired diplomats/officials will be invited to provide lectures during the workshop.

Two months internship:
The course will offer a two months internship to a select few at the end of the course.


Candidates applying for the Course should either be an enrolled Post Graduate Student or have completed postgraduation in India. The course is opened to student/ scholars from any field.

How to apply?

Write to Prof D. Suba Chandran, Course Supervisor, with the following:
- Rationale/ Statement of Purpose
- Areas of Interest
- Recommendation letter by the Head of the Department/Supervisor/Director. Email your application and recommendation letters directly to

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