Contemporary World Affairs (CWA)
Young Voices on Global Politics

CWA Commentaries are primarily authored by young scholars who are a part of the course on Global Politics.

The objective is to provide a platform for the young voices on contemporary world affairs, and also equip them with effective communication skills.

Conflict Reader

Nagorno-Karabakh: Rekindled fighting, Causalities and a Ceasefire

December 2020 | CWA # 407

Abigail Miriam Fernandez

Conflict Reader

Thailand: For the pro-democracy protests, it is a long march ahead

December 2020 | CWA # 406

Aparupa Bhattacherjee

Conflict Reader

Hong Kong: Slow Strangulation of Protests, Security Law and China's victory

December 2020 | CWA # 405

Mallika Devi

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PR Chari                                   General Dipankar Banerjee

This initiative is a tribute to Mr PR Chari and Gen Dipankar Banerjee, who provided a vital breakthrough for many young scholars, gave them a space to grow and made the budding academics to believe in themselves. "Capacity Building" was their belief; they practised the same in the multiple institutions they served and built. Many leading scholars across the world today, penned their first essay under the mentorship of these two legends.

Mr Chari and Gen Banerjee, we owe you. And we will continue the tradition that you have set.

D. Suba Chandran
Professor and Dean, NIAS