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CWA # 630, 19 December 2021

The World This Week: 150th Issue
Europe in 2021

  GP Team

The World This Year Compilation 2021

Belarus: The migrant crisis and the state of political affair
By Joeana Cera Mathews, 14 November 2021

Belarus: While the West impose bans, Putin supports "Europe's Last Dictator" 
By Harini Madhusudan, 30 May 2021

Europe: France-UK tensions over a migrant disaster across the English Channel
By Padmashree Anandhan, 28 November 2021

France: Trial begins for the 2015 terrorist attack
By Sourina Bej, 12 September 2021

Europe in Africa: France and Germany take responsibility for the past in Rwanda and Namibia 
By Anu Maria Joseph, 30 May 2021

Munich Security Conference: Biden's commitment, Discussion on withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Russia threat and NATO in 2030
By Sourina Bej, 21 February 2021

The EU: Poland continues to defy the EU  
By Joeana Cera Mathews, 24 October 2021

Europe: The impending energy crisis 
By Vaishnavi Iyer, 10 October 2021

Europe: The Annual State of the EU address 2021 by President Ursula von der Leyen
By Joeana Cera Matthews, 19 September 2021

Europe: EU's climate package amidst the rains and floods 
By Joeana Cera Matthews, 18 July 2021

Europe:  The EU Council summit discussions on migration, LGBTQ, and COVID-19 
By Keerthana Nambiar, 27 June 2021

EU: The Merkel-Macron proposal on an EU-Russia summit, and its opposition 
By D. Suba Chandran, 27 June 2021

Europe: Russia's responses 
By Joeana Cera Matthews, 27 June 2021

The G7 Summit 2021: Focus on pandemic recovery, climate action, and global economy
By Joeana Cera Matthews, 13 June 2021

EU-China: European Union Parliament freezes Comprehensive Agreement on Investments with China 
By Dincy Adlakha, 23 May 2021

Vaccine patent waiver: The new debate stands divided
By Joeana Cera Matthews, 9 May 2021

European Union: New challenges in addressing delay in vaccine supplies, new variants and anti-lockdown protests 
By Harini Madhusudan, 30 January 2021

UK and France: BREXIT pangs deepen as a new rule restricts fishing rights 
By Sourina Bej, 9 May 2021

UK: The BBC apology for the 1995 Diana interview highlights the good and bad sides of the UK media 
By Vishnu Prasad, 23 May 2021

UK: Defence and Foreign policy review indicates an expansion in strategy
By Harini Madhusudan, 21 March 2021

The UK: The post- Brexit fallout with the EU over Northern Ireland
By Harini Madhusudan, 7 March 2021

India and Russia: Modi and Putin try to rekindle the bilateral relations
By Ashwin Immanuel Dhanabalan, 12 December 2021

Russia: The Anti-Satellite test
By Harini Madhusudan, 21 November 2021

Russia: The Afghan summit 
By Harini Madhusudan, 24 October 2021

Russia: General Elections 2021 underlines Putin's political hold 
By Joeana Cera Matthews, 26 September 2021

Russia: Alexi Navalny's network added to the 'Extremist List'
By Harini Madhusudan, 9 May 2021

Russia: Putin draws redlines against the West, but withdraws troops from the Ukraine border
By Harini Madhusudan, 25 April 2021

Ukraine: Escalation of tensions with Russia 
By Chetna Vinay Bhora, 11 April 2021

Russia: New tension with Europe, Moscow expels European diplomats 
By Sourina Bej, 7 February 2021

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