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NIAS Africa Weekly
IN FOCUS: Instability in Burkina Faso

  NIAS Africa Team

Africa Weekly
01 March 2022, Vol.1, No.1

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Instability in Burkina Faso: Five things to know
by Apoorva Sudhakar, Project Associate, NIAS

Africa: The anti-France sentiments in Mali and beyond
by Mohamad Aseel Ummer, Postgraduate Scholar, Central University of Kerala

Africa in Brief
by Apoorva Sudhakar, Anu Maria Joseph, Harshita Rathore, and Poulomi Mondal

Africa Weekly is the latest initiative under the NIAS Africa Studies at the Institute. As a part of the area studies, the Institute recently launched NIAS Africa Studies within the NIAS Science, Technology and International Relations programme.

Recent publications on Africa
S Shaji
"Africa in 2021: Backsliding democracy and heightening humanitarian crises,"
NIAS Global Politics Brief, 8 February 2022

Harshita Rathore,
"Famine in Ethiopia: The government's refusal to acknowledge, worsens the crisis,"
CWA # 626, 12 December 2021

Apoorva Sudhakar,
"Africa’s Stolen Future:Child abductions, lost innocence, and a glaring reflection of State failure in Nigeria,"
NIAS-IPRI Brief, 26 September 2021

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November 2022 | CWA # 838

Rishma Banerjee

Tracing Europe's droughts