The World This Week: 150th Issue

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The World This Week: 150th Issue
China, East Asia, and South East Asia in 2021

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The World This Year Compilation 2021

China in Africa: FOCAC celebrates two decades of mutually beneficial relationship
Avishka Ashok, 5 December 2021

China: Virtual meeting between Biden and Xi calls for greater cooperation
Avishka Ashok, 21 November 2021

China: President Xi secures his position in party history with the "historical resolution"
Avishka Ashok, 14 November 2021

China: The White Paper on Responding to climate change 
Avishka Ashok, 31 October 2021

China: The hypersonics missile tests
Keerthana Nambiar, 24 October 2021

China: Beijing's economic interests in Afghanistan outweighs likely threats from the Taliban
Dincy Adlakha, 22 August 2021

South China Sea: New tensions with Navy drills and foreign warships
Sukanya Bali, 8 August 2021

COVID-19: China rejects the WHO investigation proposal
Sukanya Bali, 25 July 2021

China: Didi, a ride-hailing company in regulatory crosshairs
Sukanya Bali, 11 July 2021

Backgrounder: Communist Party of China
Harini Madhusudan, 4 July 2021

China: CPC celebrates 100th founding anniversary 
Mallika Devi, 4 July 2021

China: Stern response to G7 and NATO summits
Dincy Adlakha, 20 June 2021

China: New legislation arms the government against sanctions
Dincy Adlakha, 13 June 2021

China: Following the census, a new three-child policy
Dincy Adlakha, 6 June 2021

China: What does the Census 2020 say?
Mallika Devi, 16 May 2021

China: Canceling the Strategic Economic Dialogue with Australia
Dincy Adlakha, 9 May 2021

The US and China: Biden's first dialogue with Beijing
Sukanya Bali, 21 March 2021

China’s Two Sessions: Emphasis on Science, Technology, and Innovation
D Suba Chandran, 14 March 2021

The WHO mission in China: COVID-19 virus did not emerge from the Wuhan lab
Sukanya Bali, 14 February 2021

China: New Redlines on Xinjiang, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, as US-China relations starts under Biden
Teshu Singh, 7 February 2021

Hong Kong: China now targets media freedom 
Sukanya Bali, 25 April 2021

Hong Kong: Police arrests dozens of pro-democracy protestors
Sukanya Bali, 9 January 2021

Taiwan: President Tsai's address tries to resist increasing pressures from China
Dincy Adlakha, 17 October 2021

Japan: LDP secures a comfortable win in the 2021 elections 
Keerthana Nambiar, 7 November 2021

Japan: Fumio Kishida wins the leadership race to become the next Japanese PM
Keerthana Nambiar, 3 October 2021

Japan: Remembering Hiroshima bombing, "Little Boy" and 80,000 people, 76 years later 
Avishka Ashok, 8 August 2021

Japan: The Olympics continue in Tokyo, amidst controversies
Keerthana Nambiar, 1 August 2021

Japan: The US fortifies alliance in the Indo-Pacific
Avishka Ashok, 18 April 2021

Japan and South Korea: The US returns to East Asia
Avishka Ashok, 21 March 2021

Ten years after Fukushima: A disaster that changed the nuclear trajectory 
Lokendra Sharma, 14 March 2021

North Korea: New missile tests to challenge the US, Japan and South Korea
Keerthana Nambiar, 19 September 2021

North Korea: Pyongyang considers Biden's new approach as hostile 
Avishka Ashok, 9 May 2021

Three years after inter-Korean talks 
Avishka Ashok, 2 May 2021

North Korea: New missile tests make a statement to the US
Avishka Ashok, 28 March 2021

North Korea's Party Congress: Kim Jong-un's next steps amidst economic crisis and change of leadership in the US
Avishka Ashok, 16 January 2021

Australia: New Media law on Social Media and its global implications
Avishka Ashok, 28 February 2021

The US and Southeast Asia: Vice President Kamala Harris visits Singapore and Vietnam
Vibha Venugopal, 29 August 2021

Myanmar: Six months of the military rule
Vibha Venugopal, 1 August 2021

Southeast Asia: Finally, ASEAN appoints a Special Envoy to Myanmar
Vibha Venugopal, 8 August 2021

Myanmar: 100 days of military rule is marked by instability, with use of force and public protests
Aparupa Bhattacherjee, 16 May 2021

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