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Young scholar workshop

Young-IPRI Workshop: Why Conflicts Continue Day 2

4 November 2022

Day 2
4 November, Friday

Session IV: Conflicts in South Asia
Ungoverned Borderlands and Contested Identity:
The Case of the Naga Insurgency

BK Bhuvesha, Postgraduate Scholar, Manipal
Academy of Higher Education

The Balochistan Insurgency: Contemporary
factors that prolong the conflict

Vijay Anand Panigrahi, Postgraduate Scholar,
Pondicherry University

Myanmar's Rohingya Problem: Colonial past,
ethnic differences, and exclusionary State

Tanay Thakur, Postgraduate Scholar, University of

Ethnic Conflicts in Myanmar: The continuing

Vaighna Raj, Postgraduate Scholar, CHRIST (Deemed-
to-be University)

FATA Militancy: TTP's continuing threat
Joel Jacob, Research Assistant, NIAS

Discussant: Dr J Diviyan, Assistant Professor, Madras
Christian College, Chennai


Session V: Conflicts in Africa
Understanding challenges of state-building and
dynamics of instability: Case of the Democratic
Republic of the Congo

Shamini V, Postgraduate Scholar, Women’s Christian

Ethiopia's Tigray conflict: Six reasons why it

Anu Maria Joseph, Research Assistant, NIAS

Conflict in Central Sahel: Reasons for protraction
of conflict

Sruthi Sadhasivam, Postgraduate Scholar, CHRIST

Eleven Years of Libya Conflict: Four reasons why
it continues

Rubina Pradhan, Assistant Professor, JAIN (Deemed-to-
be University)

Discussant: Apoorva Sudhakar, Research Associate,

Session VI: Conflicts in East Asia
Democracy and Deep-rooted Conflict: Reasons
why Hong Kong continues to struggle under the
Communist Regime

Aniba Junaid, Postgraduate Scholar, University of

The Conflict in Xinjiang: Three reasons why It

Amrita Jash, Assistant Professor, Manipal Academy of
Higher Education

Conflict in the South China Sea: Between Chinese
expansionism and American Alliances

Rekha J, Postgraduate Scholar, Mahatma Gandhi

South China Sea: Why countries fight for Spratly

Sethuraman N, Research Intern, NIAS

Discussant: Avishka Ashok, Research Associate, NIAS


Session VII: Maritime Conflicts
Conflict over Kuril Islands: Four reasons why it

Allen Joe Mathew, Undergraduate Scholar, St. Joseph’s

The Solomon Islands Conflict: Transformation
from Ethic Indifferences to Political Instability

Devjyoti Saha, Postgraduate Scholar, Pondicherry

Ethnoreligious conflict in southern Thailand:
Reasons why it continues

Domini Jyotsna J, Postgraduate Scholar, WCC

Discussant: Padmashree Anandhan, Research
Associate, NIAS

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