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S&T Lectures

Scientists, Scientific Advisors and Science Diplomacy

9 December 2022

By Sir Robin Grimes

Sir Robin Grimes has been Professor of Materials Physics. In 2017 he was appointed Ministry of Defence Nuclear Chief Scientific Adviser. From 2013 - 2018 he was the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chief Scientific Adviser. He joined the Materials Department at Imperial College in 1995 as Governors'' Lecturer. Prior to this he was Assistant Director of the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory at the Royal Institution. He spent the year 2000 at Los Alamos National Laboratory as Bernd T. Matthias Scholar. His primary research interest is the application and development of computer simulation techniques to predict structural and dynamic properties of ceramics and metals.


1000-1005 hrs: Welcome and Introduction

1005-1035 hrs: Introductory remarks by Sir Robin Grimes

1035-1100 hrs: Inputs by NIAS Faculty

1100-1200: Discussion and Q&A

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