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Capacity Building Workshop for Young Scholars

NIAS Strategic Forecast 2020: Contemporary World Affairs

16 November 2019

By NIAS Global Politics Course

One day workshop for young scholars
16 November 2019, Saturday (Venue: NIAS Conference Room, 0930-1600 hrs)

Global Politics: Big-power interactions 
"US-China Trade Dispute: Further disruptions in 2020?" by Harini Madhusudan, PhD Scholar, NIAS
"The retreat of an Empire: The US under Trump" by Parikshith Pradeep, Research Associate, NIAS
"BRI in 2020: Further Expansion?" by Sukanya Bali, Research Associate, NIAS
"Restructuring the Status Quo: China in 2020"


Regional Interactions-I
"ISIS post Baghdadi: Will there be another Caliphate?" by Malini Sethuraman, Stella Maris College, Chennai
"Syria: ISIS Decline, US Retreat, and Russia returns" by Lakshmi Menon, Global Politics Course Scholar, NIAS
"Israel and the Middle East: New alliance plans in 2020" by Prathiksha Ravi, Stella Maris College, Chennai
"Flex or Status Quo: The US in the Middle East in 2020" by Aswathi K, Christ University, Bangalore
"Middle East: The Return of Russia in 2020" by Padmini Anilkumar, PhD Scholar, Christ University, Bangalore


 Regional Interactions-II
"Pangs of Brexit in 2020: Will UK and Europe overcome?" by Sourina Bej, Global Politics Course Scholar, NIAS
"Southeast Asia in 2020: Will it continue to remain peaceful?" by Aparupa Bhattacherjee, PhD Scholar, NIAS

S&T, Climate Change etc
"Climate Change and the New Refugees" by Roshini Sharma, PhD Scholar, Jain University, Bangalore
"Climate change and economy: Indian ocean region in 2020," by Aarathi Srinivasan, Stella Maris College, Chennai
"Quantum Computing and its future" by Vijay Maidergi, Mysore University, Mysore
"China and the 5G"

Essays accepted will be published in NIAS Quarterly on Contemporary World Affairs in January 2020.

Other Events

Trump Legacy

14 December 2020
By Vivek Mishra, Kamna Tiwary, Harini Madhusudan, Apoorva Sudhakar, and Abigail Fernandez

India-China Strategic Stability

5 December 2019
By Prof Rajaram Nagappa, Lt Gen Dr Prakash Menon, AVSM, PVSM, VSM, Prof VS Ramamurthy, Mr Manoj Kewalramani & Dr George Perkovich