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Young Scholars' Workshop

State of Peace and Conflict in 2023

23 February 2023

0900-0930 hrs: Inaugural Session

Welcome and Introduction
Dr Anuradha D,
Head, Department of History, Loyola College
Inaugural Address
Rev Dr Thomas A SJ,
Principal, Loyola College
About the Workshop
Prof D Suba Chandran,
Dean, School of Conflict and Security Studies, NIAS

0930-1100 hrs: Session-I
National & Regional Conflicts-I
Moderated by Prof D Suba Chandran

Iran: Protests, regime responses, and global reactions
Mohaimeen Khan,
Postgraduate Scholar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Sudan: Continuing political instability, protests and ethnic violence
Anu Maria Joseph,
Research Assistant, NIAS

The Sahel: Security concerns and forecast
Fathima Semeer,
PhD Scholar, University College, Trivandrum

Latin America: Climate change-driven migration and implications
SA Krisaanth and Sandra Wilfred,
Postgraduate Scholars, Loyola College, Chennai

Remarks by Resource Persons
Prof Sindhu Radhakrishna, NIAS & Dr Mallika Joseph

1100-1130 hrs: Tea

1130-1300hrs: Session II
National & Regional Conflicts-II
Moderated by Prof D Suba Chandran, NIAS

Peru: Continuing Environmental Conflict and the rise in violence
John Michael,
Postgraduate Scholar, University of Hyderabad

Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan: Border Conflict, causes, and way forward
Maria Glory Lauren Carvalho,
Postgraduate Scholar, Loyola College

Nagaland: Socio-political unrest, ethnic conflict and insurgency
Shafiq Ahmad,
Postgraduate Scholar, Loyola College

Afghanistan: Appalling governance, stifling humanitarian situation, and rising resistance
DS Murugan Yadav,
Postgraduate Scholar, Madras University

Remarks by Resource Persons
Ms Ramya B, Kristu Jayanti College & Dr Mallika Joseph

1400-1530 hrs: Session III

Global Conflicts and Issues-I
Moderated by Dr PJ Biju Joseph

China: Crises of economy and demography
Femy Francis,
Research Intern, NIAS

Taiwan: Development of semiconductor chips as a strategic tool and future of conflict
Melvin George,
Postgraduate Scholar, Loyola College

US-China: Technological competition, role of semiconductors and rising techno-nationalist policies
Anirudh Krishnan,
Postgraduate Scholar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Senkaku Islands: Rising tensions between Japan and Korea, and failed dispute management
Alka Bala,
Undergraduate Scholar, St Joseph’s University

Remarks by Resource Persons
Dr Ashik Bonofer,
Madras Christian College

1530-1600hrs: Tea

1600-1730 hrs: Session IV
Global conflicts and issues II
Moderated by Mr Muthuraman

Rohingyas: Citizenship, Refuge, and international support
Akshaya J,
Postgraduate Scholar, Loyola College

Europe: Climate migration, increased securitisation and mitigration
Yasmin Rosammal Daniel,
Undergraduate Scholar, St Joseph’s University

Climate change in the Himalayas: Chinese engagement and threat multiplication
Debaleena Mitra,
PhD Scholar, Jadavpur University

Israel: Netanyahu's return, prolonged political crisis and protests
Nikhil Kumar,
Postgraduate Scholar, Loyola College

Remarks by Resource Person
Dr Bernard D' Sami, Loyola College

1730-1800 hrs : Concluding Session

Initial Remarks 
Dr PJ Biju Joseph

Day’s Reporting 
Mr Muthu Raman

Concluding Remarks 
Prof D Suba Chandran

Vote of Thanks
Apoorva Sudhakar,
Research Associate, NIAS
Prof Ranganathan,
Coordinator Shift-II, Department of History, Loyola College

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