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Global Politics Young Voices

Blue Mining, Salafism in the Arab World, and the Coup in Myanmar

8 February 2021

By GP Course Scholars

Dhanwati Yadav, Saad Ahmad, and Aparupa Bhattacherjee

Blue Mining, Salafism in the Arab World, and the Coup in Myanmar
“Blue mining as a strategic asset in the 21st century”
Dhanwati Yadav
In the absence of modernised technology, the mining of deep-sea bed floor is a challenging task. Besides economic development, blue mining could be viewed as a strategic asset for countries. Countries holding potential of deep-sea mining followed by substantive manufacturing foundations are prone to lessen dependency over others for finished products.  

“Salafism and Contemporary Arab Politics: The Arab Case”
Saad Ahmad
After the Arab Spring, discourses of Salafism contributed to democratic politics on the one hand and engaged itself with politics for the structural transformation of West Asia and North Africa on the other.

“Myanmar: Tatmadaw sheds the mask of Democracy”
Aparupa Bhattacherjee
After a coup, the military forms a government in Myanmar. Unlike the coup in 1962, General Hlaing has to deal with angry and protesting citizens, which Ne Win only faced in 1998. 

Discussants: Dr Prakash Pannerselvam & Ms Poornima Balasubramanian

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