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Special Focus Contemporary Pakistan I Ten Years of Fukushima I Politial Crisis in Nepal I Revisiting the Quad

15 March 2021

By GP Scholars

Rishabh Yadav, Abigail Miriam Fernandez, Abhiruchi Chowdhury, Lokendra Sharma, Chetna Vinay Bhora, Mohamad Aseel Ummer, Akriti Sharma, and Sourina Bej

Senate elections in Pakistan: Political parties lose, establishment wins
Rishabh Yadav 
The result of the senate election has shown that the political system is maintained through the establishment's manoeuvrability of fixing the outcome.

Pakistan: From strength to strength the 'Aurat March' marches on
Abigail Miriam Fernandez 
The Aurat March has not only a new momentum to the feminist movement in Pakistan but has become a platform to raise their voices.

Pakistan and China: 70 Years in review
Abhiruchi Chowdhury
For 70 years, China has been Pakistan's only hope to solve it's economic and security crisis.

Fukushima and the nuclear dream: Descension or Interregnum?
Lokendra Sharma
A decade after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the trajectory of nuclear energy- whether there is a descension or an interregnum- is not entirely clear. However, the entry of renewables and the climate change imperative indicates that the former is more likely than the latter.

A decade after Fukushima Daiichi, What Japan has to offer? 
Chetna Vinay Bhora
Revisiting 3/11  after a decade, One of the worst nuclear mishaps in history. What Japan has to offer to the nuclear industry, leadership and beyond.

Ten years of Fukushima: What lies ahead?
Mohamad Aseel Ummer
Fukushima remains the second deadliest nuclear disaster in history. Ten years later, what has the world learnt? Can nuclear energy prove to be a pivot for zero-emission by 2050

First QUAD Summit: Towards a more rigorous approach on the Indo-Pacific
Akriti Sharma
The summit being Biden's first prominent multilateral meet, QUAD will have major implications for the Indo-Pacific region.

Derecognition of Left Alliance in Nepal:
Three reasons why it might not be an easy win for Oli?
Sourina Bej
As the coalition breaks, a culture of coercive elite politics, fractured democratization, and weak institutions will pose a challenge for another coalition-building in Nepal. The path towards power-sharing puts Oli in a tight spot as he is likely to face pushback within his party, opposition, and confidence of people.

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