NIAS Area Studies: Pakistan

Pakistan Reader, as an Area Studies initiative at NIAS, aims to study contemporary Pakistan through the following verticals: social, political, cultural, external and security, with a special focus on economy, energy and S&T.

NIAS Pakistan Reader is also a capacity-building exercise. It aims to nurture young scholars in India working on Pakistan and build a network of Pakistan scholars worldwide. It also organizes regular workshops for young scholars to improve their skills and understanding of contemporary Pakistan.

NIAS-PR publishes a Daily Brief, Pakistan Weekly, Pakistan Monitor monthly and regular analysis – comments and essays. It also conducts an online course on contemporary Pakistan.

NIAS Area Studies: Europe

NIAS Europe Studies examines contemporary developments in Europe in the following verticals: Politics, Society, Conflicts, Regional Developments, and External Relations, especially with the US, China, and India. It also has a special focus on the ongoing Ukraine War and published a Daily War Alert. It also publishes a Monthly Alert.

NIAS Europe Studies has been organizing an Annual Conclave on Europe since 2022 and published two Annuals in 2023 and 2024. 

NIAS Area Studies is also a capacity-building exercise. Through its regular workshops and annual conclave, it aims to build a network of Indian scholars working on Europe.

NIAS Area Studies: China, East Asia and Pacific

China and East Asia Reader is the latest area studies initiative at NIAS. It aims to study China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Australia, with a special focus on S&T, Maritime, and Economy. NIAS China Reader also aims to develop a special focus on the regions external relations with big powers especially the US and Europe, and its equations with India.

China Reader publishes a Daily Wire and a monthly Monitor, besides regular commentaries and briefs.

NIAS Area Studies: Africa

NIAS Africa Studies aims to study contemporary Africa through the following verticals: internal politics, peace and conflict issues, civil-military relations, non-traditional security issues, radicalism, regional complexities (Horn of Africa, Sahel and North Africa), geopolitics and external relations, especially with the US, Europe and China. It publishes Africa Monitor (a monthly), with an objective to build capacity amongst the Indian scholars working on Africa.

NIAS Africa Studies also aims to create a network of African scholars in India and African scholars residing in India through an Annual Conclave starting from 2024.