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NIAS Area Studies: Pakistan

Pakistan Reader, as an Area Studies initiative at NIAS, aims to study contemporary Pakistan through the following verticals: social, political, cultural, external and security, with a special focus on economy, energy and S&T.

NIAS Pakistan Reader is also a capacity-building exercise. It aims to nurture young scholars in India working on Pakistan and build a network of Pakistan scholars worldwide. It also organizes regular workshops for young scholars to improve their skills and understanding of contemporary Pakistan.

NIAS-PR publishes a Daily Brief, Pakistan Weekly, Pakistan Monitor monthly and regular analysis – comments and essays. It also conducts an online course on contemporary Pakistan.

Regular Publications

Torkham border: Pakistan and Afghanistan relations

PR Commentary Torkham border: Pakistan and Afghanistan relations By Shamini Velayutham Customs clearance agents, laborers, and members of local organizations held a protest demonstration. They said that the closing of the Torkham border was an economic murder of those involved in cross-border trade and other manual labor. On 08 September, thousands of civilians were trapped, and hundreds of trucks were unable to transfer commodities between Pakistan and Afghanistan due to the main border...

Pakistan's narrow tax base: Failures so far, challenges ahead

What is the tax base? Currently, Pakistan’s tax-to-GDP ratio stands at 11.4 per cent with an existing gap equivalent to 7.6 per cent of GDP.  As of 26 December 2023, the number of active taxpayers (ATL) in Pakistan reached 5.3 million, of which the number of individual taxpayers was 3.69...

Pakistan calls for increased maritime cooperation with Malaysia

In Brief POLITICS Pakistan announces day of national mourning on the death of Iranian President Raisi On 20 May, President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed sorrow over the sudden death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, with the government announcing a day of mourning...

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