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The Europe Studies at the National Institute of Advanced Studies is an academic initiative within the Programme on Science, Technology and International Relations. This is a part of the Institute’s endeavor to build area studies within NIAS. Supported by the India Office of the KAS, Europe Monitor has a cover story of the month, commentaries and regular focus notes published on a daily basis in its portal. The Europe Monitor has a multi-disciplinary focus - covering wide-ranging areas from internal, external affairs and special issues such as protest movements, regional integration, climate change, and migration.

Europe Monitor is also a capacity-building initiative, one of the primary objectives of NIAS and KAS. The EM aims to provide a platform for young scholars working on Europe. In the long run, it aims to build a network of institutions and scholars researching on Europe within India.

Latest Issues

Europe Monitor #23 Vol. 03, No. 08

The EM August Edition consists of a special cover story on the weather anomalies in Europe, two special briefs on Germany-Russia Relations and Euroscepticism. It also includes a commentary on the Nature Restoration Law. Apart from these focus stories, a record of key developments from the Ukraine War between Day 493 to Day 521 and short notes on contemporary Europe.

Europe Monitor #22 Vol. 03, No. 07

The EM July Edition consists of a special cover story on the rise and fall of the Wagner revolt, two special briefs on Russia and Europe and EU's Emission Trading Scheme. Apart from there are other interesting stories on the drone warfare, return of violence in France, migrant boat disaster in Greece, and key developments from Day 463 to Day 491 of war in Ukraine.

Europe Monitor #20 Vol. 03, No. 06

The EM June Edition consists of two cover stories on the battle for Bakhmut, and Turkey elections 2023, two special briefs on Russia's position in the Arctic, and a conceptual analysis of Europe's feminist foreign policy. The comments section, focuses on the Belgorod attacks, Protests in Serbia, Nordic-Ukraine summit, and Poland's Russin influence law. The Ukraine War covers key developments from Day 430 to Day 461.

Previous Issues