NIAS Area Studies


The Europe Studies at the National Institute of Advanced Studies is an academic initiative within the Programme on Science, Technology and International Relations. This is a part of the Institute’s endeavor to build area studies within NIAS. Supported by the India Office of the KAS, Europe Monitor has a cover story of the month, commentaries and regular focus notes published on a daily basis in its portal. The Europe Monitor has a multi-disciplinary focus - covering wide-ranging areas from internal, external affairs and special issues such as protest movements, regional integration, climate change, and migration.

Europe Monitor is also a capacity-building initiative, one of the primary objectives of NIAS and KAS. The EM aims to provide a platform for young scholars working on Europe. In the long run, it aims to build a network of institutions and scholars researching on Europe within India.

Latest Issues

Europe Monitor #29 Vol. 04, No. 02

The EM February Edition consists of a Expert Interview: Russia in the International Order, The War in Ukraine: Drones, missiles and counterattacks

Europe Monitor #28 Vol. 04, No. 01

The EM January Edition consists of a Russia: De-ratifing the CTBT, Ukraine: Missile attacks, US divide over military aid and the Hungarian block.

Europe Monitor #27 Vol. 03, No. 12

The EM December Edition consists of a record of key developments from the Ukraine War between Day 655 to Day 610 and short notes on contemporary Europe also form part of the edition.