Area Studies

Expert Interview: Russia in the International Order

In an interview to the NIAS Europe Studies team at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Ambassador DB Venkatesh Varma provided an overview of Russia as one of the old great powers of the world to its course of dramatic changes. According to Varma Russia today is more multinational, and multicultural compared to the Soviet period with strong minorities, Muslim minorities, Buddhist minorities, and Asiatic people from Siberia....

By Padmashree Anandhan, Femy Francis, Rohini Reenum, Akriti Sharma, Akhil Ajith, Shamini Velayutham and Anu Maria Joseph
31 January 2024

Regular Publications

Sweden in NATO, Farmers' Protest in Poland, and the anti-LGBTQ bill in Ghana

Padmashree Anandhan, Manoranjan Kumar and Anu Maria Joseph NATO 32: Leaving neutrality, Sweden to join after Hungary's approval Padmashree Anandhan In the news On 26 February, Hungary's parliament voted (188 in favour and only six against) favouring Sweden to join NATO. Hungary is the last NATO member to approve Sweden becoming the 32nd member of NATO. During the press conference, Sweden's Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, said: "…Nato membership means that we are...

War in Ukraine: Daily Updates

The EM December Edition consists of a record of key developments from the Ukraine War between Day 655 to Day 610 and short notes on contemporary Europe...

Other publications

Challenges faced by the French wine industry
China's domination in Europe's solar industry
Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s remarks on no-confidence motion trigger “political earthquake”
He came, he saw and he said No Why did Nawaz choose Shehbaz? Four explanations
Imran Khan seeks coalition with MWM and JI
Germany-Russia Relations: What Next?

NIAS/CSS/CRPR/U/IB/15/2023 NIAS Area Studies Brief No. 61 NIAS Europe Studies 31 July 2023 Russia has emerged as the most divisive issue...

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: A Prototype for Global Emissions Reduction Mechanism

NIAS/CSS/CRPR/U/IB/14/2023 NIAS Area Studies Brief No. 60 NIAS Europe Studies 26 July 2023 Climate change is one of the major environmental problems...

Euroscepticism Transformed: Italy’s Meloni Seeks to Reform the EU from Within

NIAS/CSS/CRPR/U/IB/13/2023 NIAS Area StudiesBrief No. 59 NIAS Europe Studies 26 July 2023 Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a rise...

Trump indictment, Moscow Conference and the Iran-US Prisoner Exchange deal

Trump is indicted yet again: What next for politics in the US? Ankit Singh What happened? On 14 August, Donald Trump with 18 of his associates in...

Haiti's Gang Violence, Venezuelan Migrants and the US, and Global Hunger Index

Madhura Mahesh, Sejal Sharma and Sandeep Ganesh Haiti: Gang violence and beyond In the news On 17 October, the US and Mexican representatives...

Doha Dialogue with the Taliban, Saudi Arabia in Asia and the Crisis in Venezuela

Aparupa Bhattacherjee, Harini Madhusudan & Sourina Bej ISSSP, NIAS Doha Dialogue with the Taliban The US special representative for Afghanistan...

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