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NIAS Europe Studies Brief
Russia and Europe: Understanding Moscow’s strategies

  Ramya Balasubramanian

About the author 

Ms Ramya Balasubramanian is currently an Associate Professor of the Department of History at Kristu  Jayanti College. She is the Associate Director of Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Co-ordinator  of the Department of History.


NIAS Area StudiesBrief No. 58

NIAS Europe Studies 26 July 2023

Foreign policy decisions, like domestic policy ones, are made in the name of the public interest  to accrue legitimacy in the eyes of the general population.* While describing foreign policy  objectives, Hans Morgenthau proposed three objectives sought after by countries: imperialism,  status quo, and prestige. In international politics, there is a constant conflict between ideal and  material power interests. This implies that states can say or do anything, but their conduct can  be understood most effectively by analysing their power interests expressed through ideas and  worldviews. A nation’s worldview serves as a measure that reaffirms the role certain interests  play. Russia has developed three schools of self- and other-centred thought over various  historical epochs: Westernist, Statist, and Civilizationist. Idealists from these three schools of  thought have worked for centuries to present Russia’s international choices in ways that are  consistent with their previously established views of the country and the outside world.1

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