The World This Week: 150th Issue

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The World This Week: 150th Issue
South Asia in 2021

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The World This Year Compilation 2021

Afghanistan: The G20's "Extraordinary Summit"
Joeana Cera Matthews, 17 October 2021

The New Afghanistan, with an Old Taliban
D Suba Chandran, 5 September 2021

Afghanistan: With the Taliban back, Pakistan feels victorious in Kabul
Harsimran Singh Sondhi, 22 August 2021

Afghanistan: The international failure fastens the downfall
Harsimran Singh Sondhi, 15 August 2021

Afghanistan: The US and NATO decides to withdraw; Ghani accepts it
Abigail Miriam Fernandez, 18 April 2021

Afghanistan: The Moscow Summit
Abigail Miriam Fernandez, 21 March 2021

Afghanistan: Talks in Doha resume after weeks of delay
Abigail Miriam Fernandez, 28 February 2021

India and China: The 13th round of bilateral military dialogue
Teshu Singh, 17 October 2021

India: The second wave drives an unprepared country into a humanitarian disaster
Lokendra Sharma, 25 April 2021

India: Acute shortage of vaccines amidst a raging second wave
Akriti Sharma, 18 April 2021

India-Bangladesh: Modi visits Dhaka, to reboot 50 years of bilateral relations
Sourina Bej, 28 March 2021

India and Pakistan: Both countries agree to revive the 2003 ceasefire
D Suba Chandran, 28 February 2021

India and China: Disengagement confirmed along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh sector
D Suba Chandran, 14 February 2021

India: New Delhi's re-engagement with neighbours through vaccine diplomacy
Akriti Sharma, 23 January 2021

Pakistan: A "new era" with Russia
Abigail Miriam Fernandez, 11 April 2021

Pakistan: Supreme Court orders the release of the accused in Daniel Pearl's murder case; the US says
D Suba Chandran, 30 January

Nepal: Ending constitutional crisis, Supreme Court appoints a new Prime Minister
Sourina Bej, 18 July 2021

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