The World This Week: 150th Issue

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The World This Week: 150th Issue
Middle East and Africa in 2021

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The World This Year Compilation 2021

Lebanon: a new government after 13 months
Rashmi Ramesh, 12 September 2021

Lebanon: Appointment of a new PM raises hope for a revival of the economy
Rashmi Ramesh, 1 August 2021

Lebanon: Deepening political crisis
Udbhav Krishna P, 18 July 2021

Lebanon: Protestors' return demanding resolution of political and economic crises
Dincy Adlakha, 21 March 2021

Iran: A predetermined election results in Ebrahim Raisi becoming the new President
Jeshil J Samuel, 20 June 2021

Iran: Tehran begins producing 60 per cent enriched uranium
Lokendra Sharma, 18 April 2021

Iran: Return of the JCPOA talks
Poornima B, 11 April 2021

Iran: The new US offer to restart a dialogue
Rashmi Ramesh, 21 February 2021

Iran: Tehran announces 20 per cent uranium enrichment as a new US administration takes over
Lokendra Sharma, 9 January 2021

Israel: End of Netanyahu era
Udbhav Krishna P, 6 June 2021

Israel: Fourth Election in two years, but the stalemate continues
Jeshil J Samuel, 28 March 2021

Iraq: Pope Francis meets the Grand Ayatollah in Baghdad
Jeshil Samuel, 7 March 2021

Saudi Arabia: The criminal case against Mohammed bin Salman
Sourina Bej, 7 March 2021

The GCC Summit and the thaw in Qatar-Saudi Arabia relations
By Lakshmi V Menon, 9 January 2021

UAE: The Hope mission enters the Mars Orbit
Harini Madhusudan, 14 February 2021

The Middle East: Trump's latest move to designate the Houthis as 'Foreign Terrorists'
By Rashmi Ramesh, 16 January 2021

Libya: Ten years after Gaddafi, the Libyans look forward with a new hope
Apoorva Sudhakar, 21 February 2021

Tunisia: President announces rule by decree
Mohamad Aseel, 26 September 2021

Sahel: End of France's military operation
By Anu Maria Joseph, 13 June 2021

Mali: The "coup within a coup"
Apoorva Sudhakar, 30 May 2021

Uganda: Museveni wins a sixth term amid politically charged elections
By Apoorva Sudhakar, 16 January 2021

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